• The student is integrated into the academic course that corresponds to their school situation of home country.
  • Guarantee that no more than five students of the same nationality and language are in the same school.
  • We handle all necessary to certify accredited studies so that student may return to their country with documentation for credit in their educational system.
  • We maintain continuous contact with your tutor and teachers.
  • We provided a periodic report to parents of personalized monitoring of the student.
  • We assign a personal assistant since the start of the course will address the needs of students and their families, giving them all the necessary support.
  • We have a daily private bus service, facilitating mobility and autonomy of the programs: course, program activities, excursions and airport transfers (arrival and departure).
  • The school meal service is included in the price and adequate  following a Mediterranean diet. We will attend special requirements of diet, allergies, etc.
  • We recommend our special service classes “One to One” of Spanish for foreigners and reinforcing the student program.
Course duration from 3, 6 to 9 months.
Hours 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cultural activities
The student will be integrated into the daily educational activities as well as all cultural and recreational activities organized in each of our centers.
Sport activities
All our schools have sports facilities. Also, we have agreements with the best sports centers where students can perform other sports of interest as athletics, swimming, tennis, soccer, golf, horse riding, water sports, skiing, etc …

* The range of sports and activities may vary depending on destination and season.

You can choose accommodation between one of our host families (chosen after a careful selection process), our university residence or hotel.

Accommodation includes full board.

Spanish advised minimum level, level A2.
Certificate from previous year is required.


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