Bilingual School Humanitas Tres Cantos

  • Religious educational institution.
  • The first bilingual school for English & Chinese in the Community of Madrid
  • Located in the residential area of Tres Cantos, a few kilometers from the main lung of the city, Sierra Norte de Madrid.
  • Facilities: Formed by a set of unique, enjoyable 20,000m2 buildings with plenty of space, gardens and sports facilities.
  • Seal for Excellence in Education Quality 300 + EFQM

Happy children
Our students grow and learn in an emotionally stable and happy climate.

Logo-Save-the-childrenAmbassador “Save the Children” Association
We inculcate values such as solidarity and sustainability because we believe that our students are the future.

New technologies
We advocate new technologies. College is equipped in all classrooms, from kindergarten, with interactive whiteboards connected to the Internet, computer rooms, iPads and wifi.

Private dining
Following a Mediterranean diet. The kitchen and dining room staff attends special regimes for reasons of diet, allergies, religious reasons, etc.

After school activities
Golf, hockey, skating, fencing, football, tennis, chess, swimming, football, gymnastics, music, painting, dance …

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